BOYED // EP - Review

I have a definite soft spot for 2 - piece bands. Things get done faster, travelling to gigs is pretty straight forward, organising practice is easier, the apparent benefits go on.

Ultimately, it's about two people in a room and there is no where else to go when you have to resolve creative differences, work through getting on one another's nerves, or anything else in a whole list of normal human foibles.

In my experience, it give a lot of space to get to know each other and I feel that further reflects the character of the bands members in the music, giving a more direct insight into their collectively formed intersubjective experience and creative musical response. But that's just my view.

BOYED - Two dudes from Essex making filthy, catchy as hell Powerviolence. Both seasoned from previous outings with essex HC bands Self Loathing and Pints respectively, this feels like they found a mutual sweet spot in the influences of the previous two bands and used that to churn out what is a fully formed and super solid first EP.

Recorded with renowned UK DIY producer/engineer Sam Thredder at The Cro's Nest, these 9 tracks weave a winding route through Blasts, D-beats, chugs, super catchy riffs and hella mean stomp sections.

Moments of the EP remind me of a solid staple of powerviolence / HC/ Grind bands; Magrudergrind, Wormrot, Mammoth Grinder, Mind Eraser, Weekend Nachos and Nails.

Sonically,  the tracks have densely layered guitar sounds, which give a full and listenable sound, not being overly harsh in the top end and certainly not lacking lows despite having no bass. Drums cut through the wall of guitar clearly, with the force of each hit on the snare during blasts being thunderous and tight. Vocals have a gruff howled quality with phrasing that complements the rhythms within the songs themselves. This again contributes to the listenability of the whole record, not being as fatiguing to listen to as other records of similar style.

The overall feel of the record is pretty pissed off, but not in a way that pushes you away, more draws the listener into the fray and frenzy of the songs. There are sludgy moments of menace in the intro of 'Trap' and at the end of 'Old Dog,' which offers a different edge to the otherwise tough stompy riffs of the outro of 'Pro Fake' and 'Red Eye.'

Otherwise, there the rest of the tracks is fleshed out with killer fast, stop/start blasts and d-beats. Really dig the 'Bleh' on the front of Pro Fake too!

I've been excited to hear this since I found out the dudes were recording. Of course I'm biased as I've known Lui: Guitars/Vox for some time now, but I hope these dudes get some love.

First gig is at The Luna in Leytonstone on Sunday 20/08/17.

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