FILTHxCOLLINS 'Demo 2017' - Review



13 Songs in 5 minutes from Nottingham two-piece Grinders.

No one song makes it above the minute mark, in fact most of them don't even come close.

Recorded at Stuck on a Name with Ian Boult, the production is brutal and direct, leaning so close to the edge of being ear fatiguing, but remaining really listenable (considering the length of the record - although I've listened to it at least six times now as I write.)

The first thing that really struck me was how vicious guitar tone is.  There's not a ton of low end, but it's not missing it. The vocals, drums and guitar balance nicely and the pace and song structures change up so quickly even my awful attention span is kept fully engaged!

The contrast between guttural, screeched and barked vocals with the occasional power-violence styled vocal honking keeps things varied and interesting, adding to the textural variance of the tracks, with great phrasing which complements the instrumentation.

Loads of stop start blast/chug and almost every variant of rhythmic figure you could wish for, making each short track catchy and enjoyable, never allowing any one sections to linger for too long, kinda like a crazy grinding buffet of politically themed sonic rage and bile.

The final track 'The Contrarian' is the longest, most abstract and noise driven, finishing the Demo off and showing there are further realms FxC are willing to delve into. The mournful howls in this final offering, remind me of the monster's cries in 'Young Frankenstein,' which gives you a bit of insight into my strange frame of reference for things....

Regardless, this is an awesome, fully formed and totally killer Demo!!

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