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SkinLover, Lincoln based PV / Grind / Hardcore outfit fuse enigmatic, psychedelic and trippy atmosphere with bludgeoning grind / powerviolence and progressive sludge.

Their debut E.P. 'Lyn Skyvver' is comprised of 10 tracks that span 14 minutes of rage, fury and sociopolitical commentary.

From the Intro, there is a sense of swirling malevolence; melancholic chordal passage drenched in reverb recur in several places throughout the entirety, framed by churning sludge and bursting forth into stomping powerviolence, odd time grind riffs and ripping D-Beat with a political heart that puts me in mind of a 90's Hardcore / Crust sound. re. Dropdead and His Hero Is Gone.

Sonically the production is thick and murky, which adds to the sense of chaos, swinging between the listless sparseness of noise, samples and lone guitars, to full walls of blasting density.  Distorted vocals roar and howl out against human oversight and unjust actions. Double pedal thunders through several sections, while guitar and bass weave around one another, joining in unison to hammer home the truly righteous passages of vitriolic hardcore.

This release has many layers and influences feeding it. I feel I can't really do it justice with a few words, but it's awesome to get more to grips with heavy music that speaks to many areas of my taste, without becoming disjointed or awkward for the broad range of ideas employed.

Hopefully there will not be long to wait for more from SkinLover, as I understand a split may be in the pipeline.

Until then, chew on this for a while.

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