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Creature Feature Segment.

I wanted to do a piece on films I felt have a similar theme among them. I originally started working on this back in August, but burned out on it. This week, I figured I'd have another go.

Here is some totally subjective and potentially inaccurate speculation about a bunch of films that range from utter trash to hidden gems. Some of them seem to be pretty transparent 'Alien' rip-offs, others offer more original and interesting ideas and tackle more present issues, such as environmentalism, toxic waste and genetic engineering. Either way, I enjoyed watching and thinking about these films with a view to present them as collective.

Be warned, we're entering 1980's creature feature cinema purgatory.

1. Deep Space (1988)

I found out about this from checking out videos for sale on an ebay store. The cover got me!

This is a Fred Olen Ray film. I can't say I've put any time into checking out many of his other films, but from what I've read about him, Deep spac…