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The time had passed; where the forest stretched as far as many moons travel would take wandering paws. The pack ruled the territory they marked and took only what they needed, selecting the weak, the old and in times of need, the young. The lean season ran short and there was no need for gluttony.

Their small world grew only a little with each generation.

In these times, in the dark season, the Humans cowered in dark caves, huddled about small fires, clothed in the skins and fed with the meat of the animals they chanced upon, weak enough to be taken down with stones and clubs.

There was animosity between the wolves and humans. The wolves tolerated the competition, but took it as no serious threat.

In the dark winter nights, the humans developed greater cunning and honed their tools, not having teeth and claws with which to hunt. Hunting became a great craft of the humans.

A war over territory was waged and the wolves took many casualties and lost much of their territo…